Aimee Chan Decision: Balancing Real Life and Reel Life

Aimee Chan, a Canadian-born actress, made a smart choice to keep some distance from her husband, Moses Chan, who’s an actor from Hong Kong. Why? She wanted to make sure it’s clear when they’re in real-life mode and when they’re playing roles on screen.

Aimee Chan Facing a Unique Challenge Aimee Chan Decision: Balancing Real Life and Reel Life

After taking a break from acting for almost a decade, Aimee Chan is back in action. She’s tackling a special role as a twin brother and sister in a TV show called “Romeo And His Butterfly Lover.” What’s fascinating is that her husband, Moses Chan, plays her lover in the show, and they’re from rival families.

Juggling Dual Identities

Aimee, at 42 years old, has a unique situation on her hands. She’s playing a guy on TV, which comes with its own set of challenges. But, acting alongside her real-life husband adds even more pressure. She talked about this with the media in Hong Kong on November 6.

Balancing Reality and Acting

“As a wife, I can be myself, but as an actress, I was worried about how I’d interact with him,” she shared. “Can I switch between being myself when the camera’s off and fully becoming my character when it’s on? I wasn’t sure if I could do that, especially since it’s my return to acting.”

Setting Professional Boundaries

With this in mind, Aimee, who won the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2006, decided to ask her husband to keep some distance from her. Not just on set, but also at home.

“Even though he still calls me ‘honey’ and ‘baby,’ things weren’t as cozy as before at home,” she said. Surprisingly, she didn’t even notice the change until two months after they finished filming when Moses playfully said, “My wife is back.”

Aimee Chan Reuniting After 11 Years

“Romeo And His Butterfly Lover” marks a big reunion for the couple. It’s been 11 years since they acted together last, in shows like “The Last Steep Ascent” (2012) and “Master Of Play” (2012). They got married in 2013 and are now parents to three kids: Aiden, who’s turning 10 in December, Nathan, who’s eight, and Camilla, who’s seven. Aimee Chan took a break from acting in 2014 to focus on being a mom.

Challenges of Balancing Family and Work

Despite the excitement of working together on screen, Aimee Chan knows it’s not always easy. She brought up a tough situation from September 2022 when they had to stop filming because their daughter got Covid-19.

“As actors, we need to keep working, but as parents, our kids come first,” she explained. “Moses had to take care of our three kids all by himself. I couldn’t help but tell the producer that we had to pause filming because I really wanted to be there to support him.”

Aimee Chan Finding the Right Balance

Aimee Chan sees that the roles of being parents and actors can sometimes clash with their work commitments. So, acting in the same project might not always work. They’re on the lookout for a better balance, maybe by acting in different shows.

In the world of showbiz and family life, Aimee Chan and Moses Chan are figuring things out, handling the challenges, and making choices that fit their unique situation.