Meet Ouroboros: Ke Huy Quan’s Character in Loki Season 2

In the latest season of the Loki series, a new character has made his debut, portrayed by Oscar-winning actor Ke Huy Quan. He takes on the role of Ouroboros, the head technician at the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and, in a way, the only technician there.

OB, the TVA’s Dedicated Technician

OB’s primary responsibility is to maintain and repair the equipment use by TVA agents, whether in the field or within the TVA office, including time-traveling devices. In the first episode, OB is portray as an incredibly brilliant and dedicated individual.

He even reveals that he has spent 400 years working alone in his office without anyone ever visiting. This isolation is broken when Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is brought to him by Mobius (Owen Wilson) to repair Loki’s time-travel device. OB works from an underground room in the TVA to avoid contact with other agents and employees, making Loki’s visit his first interaction with someone in a long time.

OB’s Vital Role at TVA

OB’s role at TVA is crucial, extending beyond equipment repair. He is the creator of a handbook used by all TVA employees. His character becomes one of the key figures who assist Loki during critical moments, likely endearing him to viewers.

In an interview with Blavity, the producer of Loki Season 2, Kevin Wright, express his belief that OB would become a new favorite character among Marvel enthusiasts.

“Ke (Huy Quan), I think, is going to be a new favorite among Marvel characters…The TVA has a lot of amazing product designs, computers, and technology. And where does all that come from? It comes from the person who keeps it all working and functional, which is OB (Ouroboros),” he share.

“We were lucky to get Ke. I mean, there’s no one better for it. He really came in and found his place in this amazing ensemble,” he add.

A Bright Addition to the Marvel Universe

Ke Huy Quan’s portrayal of Ouroboros has introduce a unique and intriguing character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His dedication to the role and the depth he brings to OB’s character have already garner praise from fans and industry insiders alike. As Loki Season 2 unfolds, viewers can look forward to more exciting developments involving Ouroboros and his essential role within TVA.